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Fashion Week 2018: behind the scenes

If every designer shared with you what transpires before a runway show, many you you would not believe it. Even though T-shirts have graced the runway in more stylish forms, the common everyday tee shirts still have there own runway and that involves you the consumer. Everyday you wear your t-shirts you enter life's runaway. The world you travel on everyday becomes the runway to the world and everyone gets to share in its beauty. Your runway includes conversations with strangers who inquire about our stylish tee shirts, glances that promise thought and more!.

The process to create tee shirt is just as intense as designing a gown. To create the design, place the images and letters just the way you wants them and hoping that after all those hours preparing to view them you like it and don't have to start all over again. Some of us have our own press so that means we move from the creative aspects to the manufacturing process. Ensuring quality shirts with designs thatARE long lasting.